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15 Ways Green Technology Can Save You Money

by Lola
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Green electronics that can save you money

Electronics have a bit of a reputation for being wasteful and being responsible for a considerable amount of carbon. Whether that be from their production, packaging, or their transportation. Electronics also have a reputation for being wasteful as longevity is long considered not what it used to be, buy at Christmas replace next Christmas if you’re lucky.

But it’s not always the case and with all the change that is going on in the world, not all electronics are the same. Some companies are change-makers and understand their goods need to be built for longevity, fit for purpose, and priced reasonably.

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1. Green Technology-Computers:

Arguably one of the worst industry culprits for un eco-friendly methods, but what’s out there? Lenovo and Asus are selling laptops that biofuel and OLEDs. They are produced in an eco-friendly manner that means that they can produce less harmful chemicals when they go to be recycled. Apple macs have also been making changes to their production methods and have received the TCO cert, which means their laptops are at a high level of sustainability.

2. Green Technology- Lights

Incandescing bulbs have been around a long time, and have done a great job, but are seen as inefficient and limited in longevity. If we compare LEDS bulbs to traditional incandescent bulbs, firstly they use approximately 75 per cent less energy. They also last considerably longer, try 25 times longer. If need to change your bulbs LEDs are an excellent money-saving option.

3.Green Technology-Energy saving monitors:

If you are getting a large bill every month and unsure what appliance is the big consumer. Time to invest in an energy-saving monitor, it gives details on what appliances are consuming what and can help with the decision-making process when something needs replacing. Also, if you run your house on solar, having consumption usage is vital.

4.Green Technology-Smart sockets/energy saving charger:

So, you have an energy-saving monitor and have found the reason for high energy usage, time to purchase these smart Energy saving devices.  Smart sockets plug into a standard plug socket and cut power to electronics that enter power-saving mode. Similarly, an energy-saving charger will turn itself when a device is fully charged. It sounds simple and it really is.

5.Green Technology-Programmable thermostats:

A big reason for high energy usage is usually from heating and colling your home, so what are the options? A programmable thermostat will monitor your usage and switch on or off or modify your heating to save energy.

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6.Green Technology-Home Solar Systems:

Solar on your roof is nothing new, it’s becoming more and more common as costs come down. The obvious point is that some roof positions are better than others, and you will most likely produce more energy in California rather than Britain. Right now, Solar panels are only 15 to 18 per cent efficient. Improvements have seen up to 40 per cent efficiency, this would make solar much more cost-effective and potentially power your whole house energy needs. The reality is solar can save you a considerable amount of money and they can last up to 30 years if maintained properly.

7.Green Technology-Wind Turbines:

Another option if you are based in a windier climate, is a, small wind turbine. Wind turbines could potentially reduce your energy costs significantly. Combined with solar, this could be all your energy costs covered.  A 1.5kw household wind turbine with wind speeds averaging 14mph, could sufficiently cover the needs of a 300kwh per month house.

8.Green Technology-Rain collection systems:

Rain is not always bad, depending on which continent, rainfall is becoming less and less common in warm areas. Having even a basic rain collection is cheap and could be as basic as a barrel collecting water from gutters to a full filtered system that can be used for drinking and showering.   

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9.Green Technology-Geothermal heat pump:

Warming and cooling your home is expensive already and is only set to increase, with the changes in worldwide climate. A Geothermal heat pump uses underground heat to warm a home and has almost no negative affects to the environment. The best part is they can reduce costs from between 40 to 70 per cent over more typical heating methods.

10.Green Technology-Energy saving appliances:

If you have old appliances, they were probably inefficient when you bought them and as they age, they can continue to consume more and more energy. Buying energy saving appliances usually does come with a premium over standard appliances. Energy saving appliances can save you around 25 per cent on energy, and combined with an energy monitor could see you save a significant amount, and of course lower your carbon footprint.

Dont forget these too…..

11. Eco friendly house insulation

Not necessarily technology but definitely worth mentioning with the potential cost savings. Insulation is important. Around 25 per cent of your heating is lost, through your windows, so ensuring your walls are properly insulated is important. Insulation can be as high tech as you like, possible options include Cotton and denim, which seems like an amazing way to reuse old materials. Sheep wool is becoming popular as a sustainable way to insulate your home. A well-insulated house will reduce save you money and ensure your home is warm or cool when needed.

12. Window frames and windows

We mentioned already that windows are responsible for a considerable amount of heat loss. So, what can you do? There are pros and cons to all window frames, with composite and fiber glass being notable for there insulation properties. In terms of the window pane itself, having a low e coating on the window could reduce energy by as much as 50 per cent. In the window frame, when buying windows that have gas within the pain cavity can also reduce heat loss. Knowledge is power, so ensure you know what you are getting before taking the leap.

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13. Low energy gym equipment

Even your workout has a carbon footprint, but luckily there are ways around this. You can instead use nonelectric based machines or machines that have a low energy rating. Gyms themselves generally need high levels of lighting and heating that is almost always on. Instead working out at home and using basic equipment. There is no end of free or paid at home workout programs that will save you a fortune on gym fees and save you time.

14. Swapping a laptop for a desktop

Laptops consume up to 80 percent less energy than a typical desktop. Laptops are obviously more portable too. You can also buy energy saving laptops that further increase efficiency levels. Energy saving laptops are also not that much more expensive over typical laptops.

15. Changing your computer settings:

So, you have a low energy laptop and want it to last and reduce as much energy as possible. Ensure you set it up to enter sleep mode after a certain period of being unused. Scheduled shut down is a very useful feature too, that will shut your computer at nighttime till early morning. Don’t forget to adjust your brightness levels too.

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