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Sustainable New Years Resolutions

by Lola
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Sustainable New Year’s Resolution For 2022

Setting social and environmentally conscious New Year’s resolutions is a great way to kick start your 2022. As global industrialization has been taking a toll on nature, we need to start acting responsibly towards the environment today. Our little conscious steps are the best way to keep the planet happy. And that starts with setting sustainable goals which will eventually lead to a positive impact on the environment. Here is some advice you could incorporate into your daily life to help society and the planet thrive.

1. Sustainable New Years Resolutions: Change up your eating habits

Industrial fishing is reducing global fish biomass every minute. Eating more greens and staying away from the corporate market is a way to save the ocean’s residents. The same goes for meat consumption – it takes 1700 gallons of water to produce a single pound of beef, whereas only around 40 gallons of water to make a pound of vegetables. You can start with a meatless day a week, and then increase the number of days as you get hang of it. While focusing on buying sustainably and ethically produced meat. Who knows you might like the greens better and go vegetarian or vegan someday. 

2. Sustainable New Years Resolutions: Simplify your life by minimizing waste

Avoid shopping impulsively, if you do shop regularly make sure you choose ethical and sustainable products that will last you longer and will serve you a lifetime. Along with minimizing shopping, use less plastic material. For instance, instead of putting vegetables from the store in multiple plastic bags, you can simply put them in the cart and later in your reusable eco-tote. 

If you are in need of some light reading this holiday season don’t forget to check out our article: 20 Sustainable Facts that may surprise you.

3. Sustainable New Years Resolutions: Carrying reusable items with you

Bringing a bamboo or metal straw is a way to cut the demand for plastic straws and raise the social and environmental awareness around you. The same goes for reusable facial rounds – investing in these will save you from multiple trips to the store for huge bags of disposable stuff. Invest once in your life in reusable eco-friendly products and you will see how they will impact the environment. 

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4. Sustainable New Years Resolutions: Switch up your daily transport 

Instead of driving a car, try biking, e-scootering, or walking at least a few days a week. It is a great way not only to give a planet a little hand but also for your health. 

5. Sustainable New Years Resolutions: DIY your cleaning products, food, and personal care

DIYing your house products keeps you not only motivated but also enjoying the fruits of your efforts. Preparing seasonal pickles will minimize your store trips and carbon emission as well.

6. Sustainable New Years Resolutions: Give thrift shopping a try

Secondhand shopping will not only make your life simpler but also offers a wide variety of vintage clothing and home decor. 

7. Sustainable New Years Resolutions: Raise awareness wherever you go

Whether it be a restaurant where you could leave a review to use less plastic items or family/friends dinner-in, you could always spread some awareness by enlightening them of a sustainable way of living!

8. Sustainable New Years Resolutions: Compost your waste properly

Compostable bags are made of natural plant materials and will slowly degrade in the environment. Try it out, you may love it so much that you wouldn’t want to go back to your previous habits.

9. Sustainable New Years Resolutions: Donate to organizations that are working to help the minorities or preserve the environment and animals 

Some of the great organizations that Green Cloud Nine supports are One Tree Planted and Click A Tree. Their mission is to plant more trees worldwide to restore rainforests in the different parts of the World. You can also research your local organizations that can bring positivity to society.

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10. Sustainable New Years Resolutions: Support local markets

Shopping locally helps to cut your carbon emissions and raise your local economy. On top of that, locally grown vegetables are way more nutritious than corporately-produced ones. Organic farming also protects bees, prevents air and groundwater pollution, and increases biodiversity which is vital to a sustainable way of life.

11. Sustainable New Years Resolutions: Say no to fast fashion

Not only fast fashion but this also includes chemical colouring, tones of carbon emissions and water, but they put quantity over quality. The Next year is another reason for you to reorganize your clothes with brands that are ethically and sustainably conscious. 

Finally, the most effective way of making your goal come alive is to make it a habit. It’s important to keep in mind that keeping goals short and simple are the best way to do it. And after every little goal, you have accomplished pat yourself and celebrate as you grow into a better version of yourself. Let’s bring more positivity into the World and make it a better place to live!

We hope you enjoyed this piece on Sustainbible New years resolutions, if you would like to learn more about eco-friendly practices you can follow, check out our LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

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