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Green Love: A Guide to a Budget-Friendly Eco-Wedding Bliss

by Lola

Hey there, fellow eco-warriors and wedding enthusiasts! Buckle up because we’re about to dive into the world of planning a sustainable wedding that won’t drain your wallet or the planet. As I find myself at the exciting crossroads of love and sustainability I will delve into the journey of planning a budget-friendly eco-wedding, and it will be my pleasure to be your guide, should you require assistance.

For those who do not know me, I consider myself a seasoned eco-warrior with nearly four decades of “greenifying” my life, but I believe that there is always much more to learn and to improve. So I’m here, with humility, simply to share the ups, downs, and quirky twists of organizing a budget-friendly, eco-conscious celebration of love.

Love, Laughter, and Sustainability

Picture this: love in the air, laughter echoing, and the gentle hum of a sustainably powered celebration. That’s the dream, right? But why bother making your wedding eco-friendly? Well, my friends, it’s not just about hugging trees (although, who doesn’t love a good tree hug?). It’s about making choices that show our planet some love too.

Think about the tons of waste generated at a typical wedding – from confetti to plastic cutlery – just for a few hours. It’s like Mother Earth attending a party only to be left with a massive cleanup job. Let’s change that narrative and throw a party that even Earth would RSVP “Yes!” to.

heart shaped decoration on the wedding reception table
Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com

My Eco-Warrior Journey: From Recycling Bins to Wedding Rings

Now, let’s talk about me for a moment (I promise it’s relevant). I’ve been doing my best to rock the eco-warrior lifestyle for almost as long as mixtapes and neon were cool. I’ve composted, recycled, and turned off lights religiously. So, now that is time to plan a wedding, going green is a no-brainer. It could not be in any other way.

But fear not, dear reader! I’m not here to preach or make you feel guilty for every non-recyclable item you’ve ever touched. I’m here to share my journey, the mishaps, the triumphs, and the hilarious moments when I wonder if I am organizing a wedding or a three-ring circus. Spoiler alert: It’s both.

Keeping It Real: Because Tiaras Shouldn’t Cost the Earth

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room (or should I say, the giant, carbon-emitting wedding cake). Sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing the glitz and glamour. We’re aiming for a wedding that’s easy on the planet and our wallet without looking like a DIY disaster. At the end of the day, our wedding day is meant to be one of the most special days of our lives, and we want to build great memories for many years to come.

silver high heel shoes and rings on beige velvet
Photo by Mikhail Konetski on Pexels.com

So, the challenge is to balance eco-friendliness, style, and a limited budget to plan a wedding. Nothing much, right? But I am confident that, we’ll be able to debunk the myth that budget-friendly eco-weddings are all burlap and recycled cardboard. Nope, we’re going for chic, stylish, and maybe a bit quirky. Think of it as Marie Kondo meets a love-struck hipster planning a wedding. 😜

The 4 rules for the Budget-Friendly Eco-Wedding challenge

I know, I know…we keep talking about Sustainability and Budget but what does Budget-Friendly Eco-Wedding mean? Well, this is of course a personal thing, but this is what it is going to mean for my wedding:

1 Go by the Zero-Waste Principle

People tend to go wild with weddings, it is a fact! We all want something very simple to start with and somehow, it blows up out of proportion. We are already experiencing it, and doing our best not to get things that we don’t need or want. This may mean ignoring the “you really need this” and upsetting some friends and family.

2 Do not pay more for things just because it is a wedding

booking a restaurant or buying a ring or an outfit tends to cost a lot more the moment you mention the word “Wedding”. And why? Just because we are foolish enough to pay more on these occasions. We are going to keep our heads cold and try to pay what products and services cost, regardless of the purpose.

gray mr mrs decors on brown wooden trunk
Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

3 Reused and pre-loved whenever possible

It is not just mom’s old wedding dress that can be used again (unfortunately it does not work for me ☹️). But, I was positively surprised to see how many people sell their wedding decor, dresses etc… And it makes sense, it helps them recover some money and it is great for the circular market, as those items have been only used once! So, from thrift stores to online second-hand platforms I will be scouting to find amazing pre-loved wedding stuff.

Free stuff from friends & family is another possibility to rescue wedding stuff that has been collecting dust for years. Ask your married friends and relatives, they will be happy to see you re-using some of their wedding gear.

I just got a bunch of decorations from a good friend who got married last year. She was very happy to give them another chance and I was thrilled at the opportunity too.

4 Prioritise eco-friendly alternatives

Some choices are a no-brainer, for example avoiding single-use items or plastic. For others, we are going to require some more extra time and effort. But never mind!! it will be fun and creative to come up with green solutions to known wedding waste problems.

Let the Green Adventure Begin!

So, the challenge is set and the countdown has started so get ready for a rollercoaster of green ideas, budget hacks, and a sprinkle of humour that’ll make your wedding planning journey a breeze.

In the upcoming posts, we’ll tackle specific wedding elements, from decor to food, proving that you can have your organic cake and eat it too. Together, we’ll craft a wedding that not only celebrates your love but also gives the planet a high-five. Stay tuned for a green adventure that’s as unforgettable as your love story! πŸŒΏπŸ’š

Lola is the founder of Green Cloud Nine. Nature lover and environmental activist since she was a teenager, Lola has always been a great fan of homesteading and she is continuously experimenting and finding her way to be more self-sufficient and sustainable.

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